Resonator method:Cavity resonator for permittivity measurement 1 GHz -10 GHz

Industry-proven low loss dielectric test solution

  • Ideal for evaluating low loss dielectric materials with tan δ 0.01 or less.
  • Easy operation: simply inserting a rod-shaped sample into the insertion hole
  • Efficient and reliable measurement with permittivity measurement software
  • Robust hardware provides reproducible measurements over the years
Figure of Cavity resonator for dielectric constant measurement

The cavity resonator is a highly reliable solution that has been used extensively by many companies and research institutions for over a quarter of a century since our company began selling for the first time in Japan. With the extremely high Q value (over 10,000, typical) of the resonator itself, it is possible to accurately evaluate low loss materials with tan δ of 0.01 or less. Furthermore, since the measurement procedure is simple, you can efficiently measure materials with high repeatability. You can simply insert the rod-shaped sample into the sample insertion hole in the upper part of the resonator, and just click "measure". The measurement software guides you through the measurement with step-by-step explanation, with which you can obtain the correct measurement result from the beginning.

About technical information, refer to "Resonator Method Technology Overview."

How to prepare your measurement sample, refer to "Proper sample preparation is the first step in accurate measurement."

System Configuration Example

  • Keysight Streamline Series USB Network Analyzer P5003B (14 GHz)
  • Permittivity measurement software for cavity resonators CP-MA
  • Cavity resonator starter kit CP-ST
  • Cavity Resonator 1 GHz CP-001
  • Windows PC

Product Line-up

Model Description Res Mode Q factor Sample Hole Connectors
CP-001 Cavity Resonator 1 GHz TM010 >10,000 Φ2.6 mm 2.92 mm(f)
CP-002 Cavity Resonator 2 GHz
CP-245 Cavity Resonator 2.45 GHz TM020
CP-003 Cavity Resonator 3 GHz
CP-005 Cavity Resonator 5 GHz >7,000
CP-580 Cavity Resonator 5.8 GHz
CP-010 Cavity Resonator 10 GHz >6,000