Professional Measurement Service

Building your own test setup needs time, people, effort, and big initial investment.

Once you start measuring your materials frequently, it’s worth it. However, for a one-time measurement (or evaluation stage of your own test setup), it would make sense to ask a professional service to characterize your material. We strongly believe the professional measurement service is one of the most important contributions for our customers and the industry to move forward their business as quickly as possible. With trusted test instruments and knowledge, we’re committed to provide meaningful and accurate data. Contact us for free consultation (no obligation) to discuss your test needs!

Up to 330GHz. Dielectric constant and magnetic permeability.

All of the resonator methods (Cavity Resonator, Split Cylinder, and Fabry Perot) as well as S-parameter methods (Waveguide Sample Holder and Free Space) are available for professional measurement service.
In addition to dielectric constant and magnetic permittivity, reflection and transmission characteristics are available on the S-parameter method.

Measurement Sevice

Now offering measurement service for powder and liquid.

Giving up evaluating powder or liquid? We have appropriate tools, knowledge, and techniques to measure dielectric constant accurately. Contact us for further details.

Liquid dielectric constant measurement example from 18GHz (K band) to 110GHz (W band) using free space.

THere is no discontinuities between bands.

Measurement service: liquid

Powder tan δ measurement example from 1GHz to 10GHz using cavity resonator. Sample C has frequency dependency.

Measurement service: powder

Temperature dependency measurement service

Temperature dependency of dielectric constant is getting more and more important with growth of the application area of mmW devices.

We have a measurement service using a temp chamber (range: -50degC to 150degC) with a variety of split cylinders (freq range: 10GHz to 80GHz).

Temperature dependency measurement system
Temperature dependency measurement system
LCP; Liquid Crystal Polymer measurement example over temperature at 40 GHz
LCP measurement example over temperature@40 GHz
LCP measurement example over temperature at 80 GHz
LCP measurement example over temperature@80 GHz

Temp & Humidity dependency measurement service

We have customized split cylinders for humidity tests for specific frequencies (10, 28, 40GHz) for range of temperature and humidity.

With a combination of temp dependency of dried condition, comprehensive understanding of the temperature and humidity dependency of material under the test. In the test example, samples of MPI (Modified Polyimide) and LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) are evaluated. First temp characteristics (-50degC to 150degC) for dried condition is characterized, then temp & humidity test added for range of condition. Difference of the behavior is clearly seen between these two materials.

MPI and LCP:tanD VS temp
Temperature and humidity setting range
Temperature and humidity setting range
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