About us

From CEO

Since the establishment, we have been providing high quality solutions around Electro-Magnetic applications, "permittivity(ε) and permeability(μ)" measurements in particular. Our mission is to provide measurement solutions to the customers who need to "accurately" characterize materials. Now the flowers of 5G communication and Automotive Radars are about to bloom, we believe accurate material measurement is absolutely necessary to grow "firm roots", which enable big flowers to flourish.

ε and μ are basic physical quantities essential for 5G/Radar components design. However, unfortunately, the "traditional" reality was that researchers and designers had to reluctantly accept measurement results with "unavoidable" large errors. We are breaking the "false tradition". With our right solutions, ε and μ can be measured accurately ,easily, and efficiently. We have already contributed to the Japanese customers significantly, and we consider this is time for us to take this responsibility to the world-wide customers. EM Labs promise to provide the most effective and the most reliable material measurement solutions to all who need it everywhere in the world.


Yoshiyuki Yanagimoto CEO

Company Profile

Company name EM labs, Inc.
E-mail mido@emlabs.jp
Location 1-4-13 Mizukasadori, Nagata, Kobe, Hyogo
653-0842 Japan
Tel: +81-50-5370-0262
CEO Yoshiyuki Yanagimoto
Establishment March 1, 1982
Business areas: Microwave measurement: fixture/system development,
measurement service, and consulting
  • Dielectric material · Magnetic material test solutions
  • Test fixtures for network analyzers
  • Test fixtures for impedance analyzers

Owned Equipment

Network Analyzers
(Keysight Technologies)
  • N5290A (10 MHz - 110 GHz)
  • P5007A (100 kHz - 44 GHz)
  • N5262BW06 (Frequency Extender 110-170 GHz)
  • N5262BW03 (Frequency Extender 220-330 GHz)