S parameter method: Free space method test fixture 18-330 GHz

Versatile solution with high reproducibility

  • No need for anechoic chambers or absorbers, unlike traditional solutions
  • Easy to move and install lightweight design
  • 1 μm precision antenna positioner that enables accurate measurement

The free space method is indispensable to material evaluation in microwave, which can flexibly deal with a wide range of applications such as permittivity/permeability measurement and oblique incident reflection measurement. Our solution is revolutionary in that it enables accurate evaluation without anechoic chamber and radio wave absorber. We have also simplified the mechanics significantly for easy operation while maintaining measurement accuracy. Combined with the Keysight material measurement suite N1500A, efficient and reliable material measurement can be performed.

Figure of Free space method test fixture
FS-330, FS-Eband
Figure of Free space method test fixture
FS-330 (Oblique setup)

About technical information, refer to "S parameter method technology overview."

How to prepare your measurement sample, refer to "Proper sample preparation is the first step in accurate measurement."

New generation Free space Link to YouTube

Advantages of dielectric lens antenna

A proprietary dielectric antenna focuses the signal into the diameter of about 3 wavelengths on the material surface and suppresses the side lobe to less than -30dB. Since unnecessary reflection of electromagnetic waves hardly occurs, you can concentrate on material measurement without worrying about the surrounding electromagnetic environment. Moreover, since the signal is focused, a small sample can be used for measurements. This high quality antenna system benefits oblique incidence reflection measurement: very small side lobe minimizes unwanted reflection, which results in highly reproducible measurements.

Figure of Traditional Technology
Figure of New Technology

System Configuration Example

  • Keysight PNA millimeter wave test system N5290A (110 GHz)
  • Keysight Material Measurement Suite N1500A
  • 1 mm test cables
  • Free space 330 GHz FS-330
  • Windows PC

Product Line-up

Model Description Frequency
Beam size Beam side lobe Focus point
FS-330 Free Space 18-330 GHz 18-330 3 λ -30dB 280 mm
FS-Eband Free Space 60-90 GHz 60-90 3 λ -30dB 150 mm

Key options

  • FS-330-OR Oblique incidence
  • FS-330-KCF Kband 2.4 mm (f) connection
  • FS-330-RCF Rband 2.4 mm (f) connection
  • FS-330-QCF Qband 2.4 mm (f) connection
  • FS-330-UCF Uband 1.85 mm (f) connection
  • FS-330-VCF Vband 1 mm (f) connection
  • FS-330-ECF Eband 1 mm (f) connection
  • FS-330-WCF Wband 1 mm (f) connection
  • FS-330-KWG Kband WR42 connection
  • FS-330-RWG Rband WR28 connection
  • FS-330-QWG Qband WR22 connection
  • FS-330-UWG Uband WR19 connection
  • FS-330-VWG Vband WR15 connection
  • FS-330-EWG Eband WR12 connection
  • FS-330-WWG Wband WR10 connection
  • FS-330-DWG WbandWR6 connection
  • FS-330-GWG WbandWR5 connection
  • FS-330-JWG WbandWR3 connection

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